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06/09/2017 7:39 AM -
So the Calgary Flames announced yesterday that they would not be renewing their affiliation with the Adirondack Thunder. What does this mean, Thunder fans? We’ve seen your questions on social media and we’re hopeful that these answers below put your minds at ease until we announce our new NHL affiliation in the near future!
Q: With Calgary leaving, will the team name be changing?
A: NO!!! We are the Adirondack Thunder and This Is Our Team. All naming rights will become property of our franchise when the sale becomes official on July 1. We have no intention of changing the Thunder team name. We’ve had too many teams in our area and we feel that the Thunder brand has gained a lot of affinity in our community and throughout our region.
Q: With a new affiliation does that mean the team will have to change its color scheme?
A: For the past two seasons, we were owned and operated by Calgary Sports and Entertainment and therefore they had control of our branding. Now being a locally owned team, we have full control over our color scheme, meaning we can keep our current palate, regardless of NHL affiliation.  Most teams in our league do not have branding that matches their NHL affiliate, at least in their primary jerseys. At this time, we plan to keep our colors unchanged for next season and then evaluate from there......we have already ordered our jerseys for next season and they are the same colors as last season!
Q: But what about the new Thunder mark released this week with different colors, does that signal a change?  
A: The new mark released is NOT a new primary logo. It is a new addition to the Thunder logo family but we have no intentions of replacing our primary logo. The new mark is one we hope will help us to attract some hockey fans from the entire Capital Region as we look to grow our fan base.
Q: What about our players, will we lose any of our team from last season?
A: Any player who was signed to an ECHL contract last season still has their ECHL rights owned by the Thunder, not by Calgary. A full list of those players can be found HERE on the ECHL Protected List. We will, however, see a new influx of NHL and AHL affiliated players as anyone on a Calgary or Stockton contract would no longer be assigned to Adirondack.
Q: So what’s the new affiliation going to be and when will we know it?
A: We are planning to announce our new NHL affiliate in the coming weeks!
Q: Does Calgary leaving have any impact on the future of professional hockey at the GFCC?
A: NO!!! The Adirondack Civic Center Coalition is committed to buying the Adirondack Thunder franchise and will assume ownership starting July 1. We’re excited to bring the third season of Adirondack Thunder hockey to the area. Our coaches and front office staff are working hard behind the scenes and are committed to making 2017-18 the best season yet. Excited to see everyone on Opening Night on October 14!

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The Adirondack Thunder are the proud members of the ECHL and will begin their 2017-18 season on October 14, 2017 at Cool Insuring Arena. The Thunder enter their third season of ECHL play, following two consecutive playoff berths, including reaching second round of the Kelly Cup Playoffs in 2016, the first time since 1994 that an Adirondack team won a playoff series. 

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